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A scholarly study has revealed that convicts in jail register to vote Democrat by a 6 to 1 margin.  Only three states currently allow convicts to vote:  New York, New Mexico, and North Carolina.  Is it any wonder there is a push to allow convicts to vote by Democrats?  And why did Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell waive Virginia law in 2013 to allow up to 350,000 non-violent felons to petition to get their privilege to vote returned?  Read more about the study HERE.

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In the first of what’s likely to be a repeating theme that elections have consequences the impact of the Terry McAuliffe election has already had a negative impact and he hasn’t even been sworn in yet.  Maryland gunmaker Beretta was looking for a new home for its manufacturing employing several hundred jobs after Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley rammed radical gun control laws through last spring.  Among its sales Beretta has a military contract for sidearms having delivered over a half a million guns to the armed forces.  One of its prime relocation spots was Virginia where it already has a distribution center in Spotsylvania Co and lots of pro gun advocates.  But Virginia has now been ruled out following the McAuliffe campaign restricting gun rights and McAuliffe ads paid for by anti-gun zealot New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.  Why move to a state that is going in the same direction as Maryland?  Read more about this loss HERE. 

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What was it that caused Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Ralph Northam to refuse to look at, nor shake the hand of his Republican opponent E. W. Jackson?  Was it because Jackson had just cleaned Northam’s clock by effectively disarming all of his previous false allegations? Did Northam only look at the interviewer cause he had a thing for him?  Or did Northam refuse to shake because Jackson was black?  It really doesn’t matter does it what the reason because there is no excuse for such behavior by Northam.  Had the roles been reversed what do you think would have been the lead story in all the Virginia papers the next day?  Think this helps Northam at the polls on Tuesday, Nov 5?   Watch the video of the interview, and more about this snub heard around the Commonwealth HERE. 

H/T to Virginia Virtucon for breaking the story.

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Virginia has removed 38,000 names from the voter rolls and the Virginia Democratic Party lost a suit to keep the names on the rolls in time for the November election.  The removal is a result of a 21 state program called Crosscheck to compare voter rolls for these states looking for duplicate voters.  From an initial list of 300,000 flagged names the Commonwealth and county voting officials have gone to great lengths to validate the names before removing them:  double checking the list; sending notices to flagged voters, and; ultimately identifying the 38,000.  There may be legitimate reasons why names appear on two or more states’ list such as moving to another state without notifying authorities.  However, as we have previously reported there have been prosecuted cases of voter fraud where a citizen votes in two states’ elections at the same.  So what kind of appearance does it create that one party would file a suit that would allow illegal practice to continue?  Read more HERE. 

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No, we are not talking about the movie with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss. The “Bob” in this case is Robert Sarvis, Libertarian candidate for Virginia Governor.  There are some conservative voters who have indicated their intent to vote for Sarvis, and it appears in some cases the constant, mind-numbing barrage of false negative ads against Cuccinelli have taken their toll on these voter’s perceptions.  But while it is great that there are several conservative choices, are those voters really considering the outcome in this election of voting for a candidate with only 8% in the latest poll?  

Below is an insightful piece by Jamie Radtke.  Jamie has been at the forefront of the liberty cause in Virginia for years, even before Ron Paul took the mantle.  Since Jamie’s letter was written both Ron Paul and son Rand Paul have endorsed and campaigned for Ken Cuccinelli.   That should say a lot.  

It should be noted the Manassas Tea Party does not endorse candidates.  We are sharing Jamie's letter only to aid in informing and educating voters. 



I have always appreciated you, but not for the reasons you may think. Most politicians would be grateful for your vote and support, because that is all they want and need. However, I am (and have been) grateful to you for your willingness to engage me and push me on substantive public policy issues that have helped shape my opinions on a variety of public policy subjects over the years. I have the utmost respect for your grasp of dense public policy details, your activism, your accomplishments, and your commitment to principle. It is with this perspective in mind that I would like to push your thinking on the governor’s race.  

I have personally known Ken and Tiero for 10 years and one thing I have always appreciated about Ken is that you may not always agree with him, but you will always know where he stands on issues. I modeled my campaign after this example. Although I agreed with the liberty/TP movement on 95% of the issues, I was always upfront and straightforward on where I stood on all issues and my libertarian friends respected me for that. I can promise you that I would not advocate you voting for a candidate that was milquetoast, simply because he was a Republican and we had to beat the Democrat. I’d rather slice out my tongue before doing such a thing! Anybody who really knows me knows that has never been the case with me. I have a history of opposing Republican candidates that stink! I have never had an issue over the last 15 years stating my opposition to Republican candidates or elected officials - including not voting for them - it is why I am so loved within the Republican Party. But I strongly believe that Ken is not only an acceptable candidate for liberty lovers, but he has been a model and leader for us.  

We should not forget that Ken Cuccinelli has been with us for years when RARELY a politician would stand alongside us, except for Delegate Bob Marshall and a few others. Ken stood with us when it was not popular to do so. In fact, he stood alongside those of us who have been fighting this battle long before the tea party/liberty movement even awakened. You must remember that many of us have been fighting in the liberty/Constitutional movement for 15+ years. He blazed the trail on opposing spending that Republicans were pushing, pushing tax cuts, opposing unconstitutional legislation that Republicans favored, pushing parental choice in schooling, promoting the nonaggression theory on the unborn human life, focusing on reforming the criminal justice system, the FED, and many more issues that have been at the heart of the liberty movement. He was the one who pro-actively reached out and embraced the liberty/TP movement and worked with us to bring us into the Republican Party to have a dominating voice. As of last year, the liberty/TP movement is the key driver on the Republican Party of Virginia executive board because of our partnership with Ken Cuccinelli.  

Ken stood with us on the Firearms Freedom Bill - which would have allowed no federal intervention/regulation over guns produced in VA. He is with us on the FED, Syria/Egypt type foreign policy issues, fiscal/monetary policy, property rights, civil liberties, Health Care Freedom Act, EPA, Farm Freedom Bill (aka Boneta Bill), federalism, and the Constitution. I was heavily involved in opposing the transportation tax disaster. I ran commercials nationally against those GOP turncoats like McDonnell, Howell, Norment. Ken opposed the transportation deal. He currently has a plan to cut taxes and cut spending, which is more than we can say about any other Republican as of late.

You are not being asked to vote for someone with a record like Romney or McCain. Ken has long been identified as a partner in the Liberty/Tea Party movement and has the LONG record to prove it, as I have already very briefly described. As you look back at the liberty movement to see who has championed our causes, it has consistently been Ken Cuccinelli. I still remember when Ken got to meet Ron Paul for the first time in private at the VA Tea Party Convention – his enthusiasm was palpable.
I still remember Ken bringing in his “End the Fed” book and asking Ron Paul if he would sign it and take a picture with him – just like any of us would do! I was so amused by that interaction, but I understood his admiration for Ron Paul. Indeed, Ron Paul had been an inspiration for Ken.

Now let’s talk about Sarvis.

Robert Sarvis is a man who claims to be a Ron Paul libertarian, and yet he didn’t reach out to any of the Ron Paul leadership like Chris Stearns, Donna Holt or other C4L county leaders? Nobody knew of him enough to even know if he had ever been involved (before or now) in the Ron Paul /Liberty movement until he popped up on the screen to run as a Libertarian - and straight out of the gate as a statewide candidate for governor?! Very strange. However, Sarvis ran as a Republican for state senate, so we do know he embraced the Republican Party platform only two years ago. Those of us in the Tea Party/Liberty Movement have been slaving away for 5 years in Virginia to advance liberty – protests, lobbying, campaigns, education, outreach – and yet none of us have met Sarvis or seen him contribute to the TP/Liberty efforts over the last five years. We are constantly trying to recruit more help - especially in NOVA.  I personally know thousands of ‘conservatarian’ activists and yet none of us had any clue about Sarvis until he decided he would run for governor. He has no track record. There is a reason why VA Beach Libertarian Party chairman Robert Dean, Donna Holt, Chris Stearns, Rand Paul, myself and many other Liberty folks are supporting Ken over Sarvis.

I’ve known too many politicians that say what you want to hear to get attention. I am not going down that road anymore. I will go with what I know, trust and who has PROVEN RESULTS. Ken has the track record that compares to very few in Virginia. He has fought battles for us (and has the scars to show it) that very few have been willing to undertake - including “conservative” Republicans. He has done it at his own peril. (In fact, the very reason Ken’s fundraising has been low is because the Establishment and big corporations know that Ken is ONE OF US and won’t give!!!) Sarvis, on the other hand, has no record of putting any skin in the game for our cause.

Lastly, I would like to make one final point. This statewide ticket is perceived by media and voters alike as the “Liberty/Tea Party Dream Ticket.” They say this because it was the Liberty/Tea Party activists that took over the Republican Party and nominated Ken Cuccinelli because we knew that he had championed our cause over the last several years. The results of this election will be a reflection on our movement, whether we like it or not. The media, Dems and GOP Establishment are already trying to write the obituary. Realistically, there is about 3-6 point spread between Cucc/Mcawful right now that can be easily closed over the next several weeks with your help. The Liberty/TP movement can bring victory home – it will be a well-earned victory for all the work we have done over the last 5 years.

We have an opportunity to make a strong statement to the Establishment, but this election isn’t just about making a statement. We can actually further the cause of liberty over the next four years with the election of Ken Cuccinelli. Ken has a proven record of getting RESULTS for the liberty movement. When I think about all that he has accomplished as AG, I can’t wait to see actual results for the advancement of liberty with Ken as governor over the next four years.

I apologize for the length of this post, but I know better than to post some quick sound bite to persuade my thoughtful liberty-minded friends. It is great to promote liberty, but it is time to promote liberty AND get legislative results. Your vote for Ken will accomplish both. Your vote (and effort to bring others who are like minded to the polls) will determine the outcome. I pray you will join me in this effort. 

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie Radtke

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Virginia Democratic Representative to many in this area Gerry Connolly was making a mockery of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing investigating the IRS targeting of conservative groups including the Manassas Tea Party.  Being questioned by the committee was the former head of the unit that oversaw tax-exempt organizations Sarah Hall Ingram.  Connolly apparently disliked the line of questioning of other Representatives before him and so with smug distain he mockingly asked Ms. Ingram questions as if the hearing was a witch trial.  By the way Sarah Hall Ingram was removed from her IRS position . . . and is now in charge of the IRS unit responsible for enforcing the individual mandate in Obamacare! 


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Were we not promised the “Affordable Care Act” would be less expensive, while providing better coverage like allowing for pre-existing conditions?  Yet it should be no surprise that now as Obamacare is being implemented we learn it is anything but “affordable.”  The Heritage Foundation has estimated Obamacare rates in their Health Insurance Microsimulation Model by state and for several ages and found in only four states have rates decreased.  And when examining the chart below we could not help but notice that Virginia appears to have the dubious "honor" of having the highest rate increase of all states for all categories.  Rate increases for Virginia residents START at a mear 179% above current average rates for a family of four, and go up to 256% increase for an adult age 50.  Heritage does caveat the Virginia rates indicating it likely contains data entry errors, and by removing the suspected errors the rates would come down to only a 115% increase for 27 year olds, 65% for 50 year olds, and 50% for a family of four.  What the heck is going on?   Are you happy with Obamacare now?  Do you see why Tea Party Senators and Representatives were trying to defund it?  Read about how the Hertiage Foundation came up with this data HERE


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The Virginia Governor’s race has had a lot of novel campaigning, but this tactic is just weird and one has the question the wisdom of it.  Who thought it would be a good idea to have a "poor excuse" for a Ken Cuccinelli imposter at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center in Norfolk attempting to annoy people?   

Apparently this was the doings of a California environmentalist super PAC NextGen Climate Action Committee that among other things has dropped a million dollars in ads attacking Cuccinelli, and hired a plane to fly a banner over the Virginia – Brigham Young University football game in Charlottesville indicating “Cuccinelli Roots for BYU.” 

The greatest amount of contributions and support for Terry McAuliffe comes from out of state, and many of those are special interests groups like NextGen.  Think they might want some paybacks if McAuliffe is elected at our expense? 

Read the full article on the Cuccinelli imposter scam HERE.

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The second debate of Virginia Governor candidates Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe was on September 25, was located in Northern Virginia, and employed a panel of media asking questions of the candidates.  This debate was noteworthy in that it was the best opportunity to see both candidates as it was broadcast throughout the state, and even nationally via C-Span.  A report on the debate is available HERE, but if don’t want the report to spoil your impressions; you may watch the full one hour debate HERE. 

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This year the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation authorizing online voter registration as well as updating of voter information.  That capability is now available HERE. 

To complete the application process online, citizens must provide their DMV customer identifier number, which appears on driver's licenses or DMV-issued identification cards. Residents who don't have either of those documents can still apply online but will be required to print and return the completed application to their local voter registrar's office. 

With this new capability it has never been easier for Commonwealth citizens to register, while voter fraud experts say it has never been easier to commit voter fraud.   Like it or not the system is here now so we encourage ALL Virginia citizens to register to vote and participate in the November state election.  The deadline to register is October 15.

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The Virginia Governor’s contest continued its slugfest with the release of Fast Terry a 30-minute film produced by Citizens United documenting the controversial business dealings and political opportunism of Virginia Democratic Governor candidate Terry McAuliffe.  Interviewing area citizens in a position to know and employees from his GreenTech automotive plant in Mississippi, as well as knowledgeable citizens in Franklin, Virginia where McAuliffe claims to have a pellet manufacturing facility, the video calls McAuliffe’s claims as being a “job creator” and successful businessman into question. 

A trailer of the video is below and the full length version of the film is available for on-line viewing for free HERE.  Not limited to internet exposure three southern Virginia television stations have licensed to broadcast the program 20 times each until the November election date.  McAuliffe is attempting to keep the program from airing by launching an on-line campaign seeking supporters to pressure the stations to not air the film.

But those crying bias must admit that the leading liberal print media The Washington Post and New York Times have also recently produced major stories presenting damning evidence against McAuliffe’s questionable business practices, and their findings corroborate the facts in the Fast Terry film.  Further details concerning these two articles are available HERE.

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“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106 BC-43 BC

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   The first Virginia Governor candidate debate should really have been named UFC 163 (Ultimate Fighting Championship) as it resembled more of a no holds barred cage fight than it did a debate with both combatants Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe attacking his opponent early and often.  Having spent years involved with the Clintons’ campaigns and their politics of personal destruction this style is typical for McAuliffe.  But the Cuccinelli camp must have learned from Romney’s experience that the tactic of turning the other cheek when attacked doesn’t work and the best defense is a good offense.  As a result McAuliffe appeared surprised a few times with Cuccinelli’s sharp verbal shots. 

   If you want to read all about the debate, a complete and well balanced report on it is available HERE from the Washington Times.   Who won?  Well if you want to watch the entire event and decide for yourself it is available HERE.  But several conservative pundits HERE, HERE, and HERE say McAuliffe lost, pointing out how the liberal Washington Post could not say he performed well, and it couldn’t defend one of McAuliffe’s attacks on Cuccinelli, admitting it was a three Pinocchio lie.  Even McAuliffe himself knew he didn’t win as after the debate he didn’t proclaim he had won as traditionally done.

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For a third time a Democratic candidate has announced their intent to run against 13th District Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall in the 2013 November election.  This time it is a self-described “progressive” school teacher with no prior political experience, Atif Quarni.  Earlier this year two other Democratic candidates declared they would run against Marshall but dropped out several weeks later.  As Delegate Marshall has held office since 1992 and Delegate elections occur every two years, this will be Marshall’s 11th campaign.   Learn more about Mr. Quarni and his platform HERE. 

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On July 1 Governor Bob McDonnell’s Transportation Tax kicked in.  To learn the details on the various tax changes in that package see our June 18th blog post BOHICA.  But in exchange for increasing various taxes in the Transportation tax package such as regional sales taxes, there was to be a six cent per gallon tax decrease at the pump in Virginia gasoline taxes.  Have you seen any decrease?  Me neither.  In fact instead of decreasing, gas prices have actually INCREASED by eight cents according to AAA (see chart).  What happened?  Where's the tax decrease? 


There are lots of excuses being reported for why an increase not a decrease, but doesn’t it seem like once a tax is established it never really goes away?

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   Is it any surprise to learn that one of the IRS bigwigs that was involved with the IRS practice of targeting Tea Party and other conservative groups was a loyal Democratic party man and big-time donor?  William Wilkins, one of only two presidential appointees at the IRS was the Chief Counsel and according to testimony at the House Ways and Means hearing Wilkins was “closely involved in some of the applications.”  This defies Administration statements that one or two low level employees at the Cincinnati office were responsible for the IRS targeting.   

   Before his days at the IRS Wilkins had since 1988 been a registered lobbyist involved in tax law and during that time contributed to Democratic candidates and committees involved in tax law changes. 

   The question is how could the White House not have known about the IRS targeting since a person they appointed was so involved with the practice?  And we are now only one step away from the White House having direct involvement in the IRS targeting.  Read all about it HERE. 

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Delegate Jackson Miller (R-50th District) apparently will get to dance with a different partner this November election as first time Democrat candidate Richard Cabellos, has announced he will be challenging Miller.  Delegate Miller has previously been challenged by Democrat Jeanette Rishell three consecutive times and defeated her or he has been unopposed.  Read more about Miller’s opponent HERE. 

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Councilman Mark WolfeUPDATE:  Another article has come out concerning this issue HERE and the entire session is available to watch HERE, starting at the 43:10 minutes point in the proceedings. 

   Here in Manassas we are grappling with what appears to be a misuse of power by one of our city councilmen. Councilman Mark Wolfe, in Monday's city budget meeting, abandoned his previous mode of recusing himself from voting due to conflict of interest and, in fact, DID vote to fund an organization for which he serves as the unpaid executive Director of the Board and for which his wife serves as the paid Artistic Director of that organization. Mr. Wolfe cast his vote to award $23,000 in tax revenue to his own Manassas Ballet Theater as part of a package, including other non-profits.  Only two city councilmen disapproved of this action:  Councilman Marc Aveni and Councilman Ian Lovejoy. 

   The Manassas Tea Party believes the rule of law is a fundamental principle that protects individual liberty and we are steadfastly opposed to elected officials using their positions for personal profit. As a group of citizens concerned with government at all levels adhering to the rule of law, whether that be our federal officials complying with the constitution, our state officials adhering to the Virginia Constitution, or our local officials complying with their municipal charters and the Virginia Code, government must adhere to the law just as it holds us accountable. When elected officials depart from it, and other government officials neglect to enforce the law when other politically powerful people violate it such as the City Council except Councilman Aveni, and Councilman Lovejoy, it is up to the citizenry to demand accountability.   Several articles have come out concerning the conduct of Councilman Wolfe HERE, HERE, and including the Washington Post.


   Certainly this conduct reflects badly on the Council as a whole, as the appearance of an impropriety allowed to occur creates poor perceptions on the Council and the city as well.  We encourage readers all to let the Mayor and City Council hear of your displease for such conduct.  You may reach them all with this single address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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   Despite Democrats and moderate Republicans as well as many lobbyists, Super PACs, prominent names, and all the kings’ horses, and all the kings’ men having come out in favor of the Senate-passed comprehensive immigration reform bill that includes amnesty, the bill has no chance in the House.  Why?  Tea Party elected legislators, and many major Tea Party groups are more angry about the amnesty bill then they were about Obamacare.   And the Republican establishment has no threats it can employ like cutting off funding, or carrots it can dangle like plum assignments to use to try and get them to cave, as these Tea Party legislators didn’t sell themselves to the organization to get elected. 

   So in essence, the Tea Party is the last line of defense against amnesty. They, and millions of conservatives calling and writing members of the House have made it clear that they will not back down.  We encourage all readers to contact their Representative as well as Tea Party-elected Representatives and encourage them to stay strong as we have their backs.  Read all about this story HERE, HERE, and an especially worthy Washington Examiner article on the subject HERE.   

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Just released in limited area theaters, but also available on demand such as Comcast is Ron Maxwell’s (Gettysburg and Gods and Generals) new movie Copperhead.  Reviews have been quite positive about this movie that takes a different look at the Civil War, not of battles and soldiers, but how the damages of war stretch far beyond the battlefield.  Set in upstate New York in 1862 it is an introspective of several families with different positions on the war. 

Maxwell's description of the movie is: "It is a film of the war at home – of a family ripped apart by war, of fathers set against sons and daughters, of a community driven to an appalling act of vengeance against a man who insists on exercising his right to free speech during wartime. A story of the violent passions and burning feuds that set ablaze the home front during the Civil War, Copperhead the Movie is also a timeless and deeply moving examination of the price of dissent, the place of the individual amidst the hysteria of wartime, and the terrible price of war – a cost measured not in dollars but in fractured families, broken loves, and men dead before their time."  The movie's name comes from a term for a northern dissenter mistrusted from his abolishionist peers. 

Read some of the reviews HERE.  See the movie trailer and find local theaters showing the movie HERE. 

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