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Ravens Super Champ quarterback Joe Flacco recently signed a contract that makes him the highest paid player in the NFL at $120.6 million for a 6 year deal.  But Flacco lives in the People’s Republic of Maryland where taxes are plentiful.  So once the tax bite takes a big hunk out of that take home pay Flacco slips down to #2 behind Drew Brees.  Had he lived in tax friendlier states like Texas, Florida, and Tennessee he would still be #1.  The Americans for Tax Reform has the full story HERE.   

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Senator Ted Cruz in a recent hearing questioned Attorney General Eric Holder on the constitutionality of killing American citizens with drones on U.S. soil.  Cruz , who graduated from Harvard Law School just like President Obama, clerked under Supreme Court judge Rehnquist, and has argued and won cases in the Supreme Court, shows the Attorney General is not going to be able to “weasel-word” his way out of answering the question of constitutionality.  This is a classic. 


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In a survey of 827 Prince William County citizens a whopping 69.9% of respondents indicated they favored the Flat Tax Bill with no tax increases as proposed by Supervisor Pete Candland and Chairman Corey Stewart. The County Executive’s proposed plan which would require a 4% increase in taxes attracted only 20.4% of voters, and Supervisors Jenkins/Principi plan with a 12% increase in property taxes received 5.8% of voters.
 With such a large response and commanding results county supervisors would best heed their constituents wishes or pay the price at the ballot box. Additionally, as Prince William surrounds Manassas city, and city and county tax rates are similar, chances are if Manassas City residents were survyed they would produce comparable results.  The Manassas City Council should pay attention to these results as well as they are looking at raising taxes even higher than the largest Prince William tax plan at 16% for FY14.  Full details on the survey by the Sheriff of Nottingham HERE.


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Bob McDonnell after promising when he ran for governor he would never raise taxes proceeded to push the Republican-controlled General Assembly and make terrible deals with Democratic legislators on Medicaid expansion which led to the Assembly approving the largest Virginia tax increase in history of  $6.1 billion.  So much for being fiscally conservative!  His sell out caused national distain with pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Sean Hannity all being critical of his efforts.  Among the tax hikes in this bill:

  • Sales tax hike from 5 to 5.3 percent
  • Additional sales tax hike of .7 percent in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia
  • Personal property tax hike from 3.5 percent to 4.3 percent
  • Tangible personal property tax hike to 5 percent
  • 3 percent Northern Virginia hotel tax
  • Diesel tax hike from 17.5 cents per gallon to 6 percent tax on wholesale diesel, roughly a 5 cent per gallon increase
  • Car tax hike from 3 percent to 4 percent in 2013, 4.1 percent in 2014, 4.2 percent in 2015, and 4.3 percent in 2016

The Americans for Tax Reform indicated: “This was not a compromise. It was a surrender of principle and policy. There were no spending cuts or tough choices. This was Bob McDonnell and some Republican Delegates and Senators, in league with almost all Democrats, betraying Virginia taxpayers.”

Conservatives should read an excellent Red State article HERE detailing the backstory and identifying General Assembly Republicans that joined in the betrayal. 

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This year’s State of the Union response on Tuesday will get a double helping of the Tea Party.  The Republican response will be given by Tea Party favorite Senator Marcio Rubio.  Of note is Senator Rubio will give his response in English and Spanish.  Since Senator Rubio is expected to speak on immigration, the Spanish version should be of interest to Hispanics. 

Meanwhile immediately following the Republican response the Tea Party’s response to the State of the Union address will be given by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.  It is unknown if cable or networks will carry the Tea Party response which will be delivered at the National Press Club but the Tea Party Express will be streaming it live from it’s website.  See it HERE.

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Here is a very funny parody of the God Made a Farmer commercial first seen during the Super Bowl.  It’s So God Made a Liberal.  Enjoy.   

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Seems like only yesterday President Obama said the cost of health care would GO DOWN by $1,500 a year under Obamacare.  Then after it passed some guesses on the real cost, which of course was greater than our current health care cost.  Now word comes from the Internal Revenue Service as they are creating their 2016 tax calculations that under Obamacare the cheapest health insurance plan available for a family in 2016 will cost $20,000 a year!  That is not a typo. 


Are you ready for that along with all the other Federal, State, County and City tax hikes?  Read more about this unbelievable health care cost HERE.

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On February 12 Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is releasing a book The Last Line of Defense - The New Fight for American Liberty.  The book is described by the publisher thus:

“With Obamacare and agencies like the EPA, the FCC, and the National Labor Relations Board attempting to exercise unprecedented control over the American people, the Obama Administration was breaking federal laws, ignoring federal courts, and violating the Constitution to achieve its goals of redistributing wealth, concentrating power in Washington, and rewarding its supporters.

Without enough lawmakers in Washington devoted to protecting the rule of law to stop the federal government's liberty-stealing power grab, the battle had to be waged in an unprecedented way: from the states -- just as our Founding Fathers intended.

The man who led the charge was Ken Cuccinelli, the first state attorney general to argue in federal court against Obamacare, an unapologetic defender of the Constitution, and a man admirers and detractors alike said "was tea party long before there was a Tea Party."”

The book provides a behind-the-scenes, plain-spoken account of the myriad of legal battles in which states have pushed back against what they believe are federal abuses of power. The book also describes why the Founding Fathers created a federal government of limited powers and why constitutional limits on that power are still important today – to protect liberty.

Read a full account of the book HERE, and advance order and see a preview on Amazon HERE.

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By hook or crook the Obama administration is trying to get its way.  Recall the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling that said corporations and unions could not have limits placed on their political expenditures, and have to disclose political contributions.  Unable to ram through legislation in Congress to require limits and disclose the Obama administration is bypassing Congress and is attempting to use regulation to get its way. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Division of Corporate Finance has begun the steps necessary to create a regulation that would in many ways mirror the DISCLOSE Act — a bill Senate Democrats have failed to pass through Congress.  But like a spoiled child the administration has indicated they would use any means including constitutional amendment to change the court decision. 

Fighting back against this first amendment right infringement is Senator Mitch McConnell. Saying the president is attempting to “silence [his] critics” and “there are few rights more sacred than those protected by our First Amendment.”  “This action would be a direct assault on those rights, which is one of the chief reasons Congress has defeated similar proposals multiple times,” he indicated.  Read the full story HERE.



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The presumptive Democratic candidate for Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe recently met with Lt. Governor Bill Bolling and even a blind man can see what is going on. 

 Bolling dropped out of the governor’s race in November because he faced an uphill battle with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for the Republican nomination.  But it is pretty clear Bolling has hard feelings for Cuccinelli and the way the Virginia GOP changed the nomination process.  As a result Bolling has been testing the waters to run as an Independent. 

Terry McAuliffe would like nothing better than for Bolling to abandon the Republican party and run as that would take votes away from Cuccinelli and almost guarantee a McAuliffe victory.  Heck you can bet he would even throw some money Bolling’s way to sweeten the pot.  Read all about McAuliffe and Bolling scheming and conniving HERE while asking yourself: Are these characters who I want as the next Commonwealth Governor? 

Your thoughts and comments are welcome. 

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Watching these three videos should be mandatory for everyone, but especially any person seeking to restrict our constitutional rights of the Second Amendment.  

This is the complete version of the Ben Shapiro - Piers Morgan interview (CNN also produced an edited version to try and make Shapiro look bad). It's a real "gun fight" but there is no doubt that Shapiro totally blows away all the lame arguments about restricting our Second Amendment rights. 

Suzanna Gratia Hupp who was involved in a shooting massacre, loosing her parents in the process, is not playing the victim, but instead schools Senators like Charles Schumer on high capacity magazines, guns, and our country's Second Amendment rights.

 Here is a young woman who previously was anti-gun but has been recently converted because she recognizes the power of the Second Amendment in protecting her freedom. Her powerful testimony is summed up by her statement: "You can ban guns, but you can't ban evil."  

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No wonder Downton Abbey is such a hit in America and has become one of the most widely watched television shows in the world. It covertly espouses conservative values! This British drama television series depicts the lives of an aristocratic family and their servants in the post-Edwardian era – with great events in history having an effect on their lives and on the British social hierarchy. Watching Downton Abbey, one can see similarities of the aristocratic Edwardian era and the Obama ruling class. Both systems foster class envy for the lower, entrenched classes. Upward mobility is very difficult. In both, the ultra rich and powerful are excused from many of life’s requirements of the lesser classes. But more subtle are conservative values that various characters champion that really adds flavor to the drama.  

You don’t have to wait until the next episode of the continuing drama to find what those conservative values are, and what characters promote them. Just go HERE.

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This hilarious video pokes fun at the absurdity of Gun Free Zones. 

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One Marine veteran is standing up to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the architect of the comprehensive and controversial 2013 Assault Weapons Ban. In a letter which was originally written on CNN’s iReport and which has now gone viral 8-year Marine veteran Cpl. Joshua Boston, who was deployed to Afghanistan between 2004-05, outlines that he opposes gun registration because it will lead to confiscation.

Passing more gun control laws will only serve to disarm law-abiding citizens, leaving them defenseless:

“I own the guns I own because I acknowledge mankind’s shortcomings instead of pretending like they don’t exist. There are evil men in this world and there just may be a time when I need to do the unthinkable to protect me or my family,” Boston explains.

Read the powerful letter HERE along with the restrictions in Feinstein’s bill.

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A New Hampshire legislator wants to use her powers to legislate to "pass measures that will restrict" the freedoms of Granite State conservatives. Her ultimate goal is to make the state so inhospitable for conservatives that they no longer want to stay there or won't move into the state. As indicated in the article HERE: "Imagine if a legislator had written a blog post targeting the freedoms of gays, or women, or some other minority? One would think that the media would go wild with such a story. But here we have an elected official suggesting that government be used in the United States of America to eliminate freedoms for certain citizens in order to gain political control and the media is silent. Sounds like tyranny, indeed."

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JAN 29 UPDATE:  The bill failed to get out of the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee, so it is dead for this year.

Virginia is one of 48 states that currently uses the "winner-take-all" method for Presidental elections. However, state Senator Charles Carrico Sr. (R-Galax) has introduced a bill (SB723) in the current General Assembly Session that would change that and instead allocate Virginia's 13 electoral votes based on election returns by congressional districts. Read more about it HERE. Several other states have pending legislation to change to a similar system and the liberals are having a fit. Had the new method been in effect for the 2012 election, and had all other factors been equal, President Obama would have won six Virginia electoral votes (the two at-large plus four congressional districts) but Republican Mitt Romney would have won seven votes for having won seven of the congressional districts. You can check the status of the bill HERE. We welcome your thoughts on whether this is a good idea or not here.

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UPDATE:  ICE has notified Prince William County, Manassas City, and other participating localities around the country that it is extending a limited version of the 287g program until at least June 30, 2013.  Read more about the Prince William Co. impact HERE.  In its more limited version immigration status could only be checked by the local jail, not out in the field by police officers.  This means only offenders of serious crimes could be checked. 

In a blatant political move Obama’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office notified Prince William County that it would end it’s highly successful 287g program that took over 5,000 criminal illegal aliens out of the county. The 287g program was the keystone to PWC’s policy passed in 2007 that Prince William County’s Chairman Corey Stewart credits with a 49% decrease in crime in the county. However, Prince William County is not being singled out by this action as Manassas City and 62 other communities around the country are also receiving the same notice. Over at the BVBL blog they suggest: “President Obama has demonstrated that he would rather you be a victim of a crime committed by illegal aliens than make any effort to get and keep illegal aliens out of our country because they might somehow end up being a useful voting bloc in the future.”  Read more HERE.

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Filmmaker Andrew Marcus stumbled into Andrew Breitbart’s path as Marcus began following the Tea Party.  Marcus couldn’t stop following Andrew Breitbart sweep the country and sweeping up everything in his path.  That experience lasted two years.  The filmmaker enjoyed exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to Andrew Breitbart during his various confrontations with the media. The movie that resulted, called Hating Breitbart, is largely about the subject's battles against the mainstream media over the way it allegedly unfairly maligns the Tea Party movement.  “I was always very shocked at the things that would unfold in front of our cameras, but you know reliably every time we turned them on and he was around crazy stuff would happen,” Marcus said.  While Andrew Breitbart may be gone, this film masterfully captures the man who influenced others to stand up to the deliberate political censorship occurring in the media and the corruption that exists within government on all levels.  Read more about the making of the movie HERE.

The film’s release in theaters was recently pushed back until October 19th as the MPAA in an apparent politically motivated decision gave the movie an “R” rating due to “F” bombs mainly hurled at Breitbart by liberals.  So Marcus scrubbed everybody’s use of the language except for four by Breitbart himself as he deemed it important to the integrity of the film.  The results – the MPAA still hung the “R” rating on the movie.  A PG-13 rating still allows for such language.  And some pretty racy and smutty language-filled films get PG-13 ratings these days.  Yet there's no sex and no direct violence in the movie and it's getting an “R.”  MPAA's Chairman happens to be former five-term U.S. Democratic Senator, Christopher Dodd.  Breitbart's web sites went after Dodd's Countrywide loan connections even after he left the Senate in early 2011.  So there appears to be some retribution involved.  Read more about the controversy HERE. 

The Hating Breitbart premier will be in only four cities at four theaters on Friday, October 19.  Fortunately, one of those locations is local at the Regal Ballston Common theater in Arlington.  Details and tickets available HERE.

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According to a report from the non-partisan and independent American Action Forum (AAF) fully implementing Obamacare regulations have already cost the U.S. economy $27.6 billion and more than 30,000 jobs.  AAF Sam Batkins Director of Regulatory Policy comments: “This analysis barely scratches the surface of the regulatory impact of this law. Not only is there still over a year until the law is fully implemented, but we only looked at data that the Administration itself has made public. By looking only at the Administration’s own numbers, they are essentially conceding the fact that the ACA will place billions of dollars in regulatory burdens on the private sector and further strain states’ budgets. With still 15 months until full implementation there’s sure to be more regulatory costs.”  Read more HERE

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The Virginia Voters Alliance, an election-watch organization has sent letters to some 2,000 nursing homes in Virginia warning that aggressive voter-registration groups may be “harvesting votes” of vulnerable seniors. Heeding such warnings, some nursing homes have blocked voter-registration groups from their premises. Demonstrating the need for the letter Crystal Aubrey, activity director at Greenfield Senior Living, Strasburg, VA said she received a request from an outside group the same day she received George’s letter. “I decided we would do (voter registration) ourselves”. "We got the applications from the Shenandoah county registrar.”  Other nursing homes had similar requests and have handled it in different ways.  Read more HERE.

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