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On July 1 our website was the target of a malicious attack. The site was taken down to prevent further hacking.  While now back up we are still rebuilding.  Thank you for your understanding.



Property Rights Hero to Speak

martha boneta

On Tuesday, July 1st, as we approach our nation's Independence Day, Virginia’s freedom fighter, Martha Boneta, will speak at Manassas Tea Party’s monthly meeting and will discuss her fight to liberate Virginia’s farmers from overly burdensome county regulations.  


Her property rights "revolution" against overreaching government officials is compelling. For those who are not familiar with her property rights fight and the bill passed by the Virginia General Assembly and signed into law can learn more HERE.  You do not want to miss this passionate articulate lady as she makes the case that the grass roots in Virginia were largely responsible for the passage of “The Boneta Bill” and how we can take the palpable grass roots movement into November.


July 1,2014 is also a very special day as the Boneta Law takes effect on that day.  So we are honored that Martha will be joining us on this significant day.  Join us as we celebrate the law and Martha at our meeting. 

Manassas Tea Party
Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, July 1 @ 7 pm
City Hall Council Chambers
9027 Center Street


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 MTP Caps Successful Raffle With Special Drawing Event


The Manassas Tea Party crossed the finish line of its raffle for a complete self defense package by selling all 500 chances in just a few short months.  On Tuesday, May 27 we capped off the super successful raffle with a special drawing event where the last remaining tickets were purchased. 


Selecting the winning ticket and giving an excellent talk was our special guest Philip Van Cleave, President of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, the leading Virginia grassroots organization dedicated to the right of all Virginians to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment. 


A good crowd turned out to witness the drawing of the winning ticket belonging to Josh Curran of Fairfax County.  Congratulations Josh! 


A big thanks goes out to everyone who worked tirelessly to sell the tickets and make the fundraiser a huge success.   Also thanks to the many purchasers, including a few who bought a large numbers of tickets.  Finally we very much appreciate the support by Virginia Arms, Blue Ridge Arsenal, and NRA-certified instructor Paul Sly.  We couldn’t have made it without you. 


Now, onward and upward!



Upcoming Events

Tue Aug 05 @ 7:00PM -
Manassas Tea Party Monthly Meeting


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