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We are honored to announce that moderating our event will be none other than former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli! We now officially have 3 constitutional heavyweights in the arena and this is going to be some event!

And we're excited, for the first time, to hold one of our events at a local institution of higher learning. Our Article V Great Debate will be at the Colgan Theater on the NOVA Manassas Campus *.

So in the great tradition of the well-known Lincoln-Douglas debates, the Manassas Tea Party is hosting the Article V Great Debate between two renowned Constitutional authorities, Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall and Michael Farris. They will square off over a growing question that has pitted noteworthy conservatives on either side of the debate: Should states convene to amend the U.S. Constitution to limit Federal powers?

Article V of the U.S. Constitution describes a process for states to amend the Constitution, through a Convention of States. Seeking to limit what is viewed as an out-of-control Federal government, Michael Farris, noted Constitutional lawyer and Head of the Convention of States Project, a national organization spearheading the cause, will be arguing in favor of the states convening. Mr. Farris has debated the topic around the country this year against noteworthy conservative opponents.

Opposing Mr. Farris is Constitutional authority and 12 term Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall. Time and time again, Delegate Marshall has consistently defended the Virginia Constitution and fought for the rights of all Virginians.

Prominent conservative voices have taken positions on both sides of the Article V debate such as radio talk show host Mark Levin and Presidental candidate Congressman Tom Tancredo being proponents of convening a Constitutional convention of states, while Phyllis Schlafly is one of the most outspoken dissenters. It should be noted the Manassas Tea Party is hosting this debate as part of our educational mission and is not conducting the debate to promote either position.


This is one for the ages! Don't miss the opportunity to tell your grandkids someday, "I was there back in 2014 when Marshall debated Farris and Cuccinelli was moderating!"

We hope you will help us spread the word about this special event by making others aware of it. Please pass the word. Download the flyer HERE to share. If you need a map or directions to the event it is HERE.


* This event is not sponsored by nor is there any affiliation with NOVA. 


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Should there be a convention of states to amend the Constitution to limit Federal abuse of powers?